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We need to defund Obamacare, stop the spying on American citizens, and immediately begin reducing the federal debt. In addition, I am strongly in favor of auditing the Federal Reserve.
~ Mike Steinberg

My Mission

Today we have the “ruling political elite” versus “the rest of us”. I am part of the “rest of us” who is saying that no more will we accept leadership in Washington that does not represent We the People.

Everyday people such as you and me are experiencing the deceptive workings of government and how Americans are being manipulated and exploited. Greed, special interests and corporate cronyism are targeting America and reshaping North Carolina. This is not the American way, and too few leaders are trying to stop it.

Whether it is Obamacare, the NSA, IRS, the 17 trillion dollar debt (and growing), the takeover of taxpayer assets, scandals and cover-ups, we are increasingly feeling the heavy hand and failure of our government.

Our country needs leaders who will boldly uphold our Constitution and not allow government and outside interests to rob us of our prosperity and individual liberties. I am a husband, father, citizens’ advocate, Constitutional Conservative Republican and businessman. To fight for you and your family and the exceptional nation of the United State of America, I would be honored and humbled to represent you as your U.S. Representative for the 9th Congressional District in North Carolina.